The Making of Algomancy

Motivation | Design Process | Card Design | Playtesting Motivation I’ve been playing card games for over 20 years now, with MTG being my main game for a significant portion of that time (before that, I dabbled in the Pokémon TCG and the very old Lord of the rings TCG from the early-mid 2000’s). I […]

First Alpha Update!

Hello! Algomancy has been in alpha for almost two weeks now, and its time for some rules updates based on what we’ve learned so far! Resource Improvements Firstly, we noticed an issue where because of the (2) mana limit per turn, the current (2) colorless resource made taking the third threshold of a single color […]

Basic Strategy for Algomancy

With the upcoming Algomancy tournament, I figured it was a good idea to make an article going through some simple strategy tips for the game! I’ll also make an accompanying video, which will be linked here when its finished. (Disclaimer: The game is still in Alpha, so the cards still have playtest art and names […]

Algomancy Rules Glossary

Abilities: Abilities are all of the card text on a card that are below the title (so not Attributes, stats, typing, or cost). See Attributes. Adjacent: When put into a skirmish, creatures are assigned into Formations based on their relative positioning. There is infinite space for relative positioning to the left and right (the columns […]