If you enjoy the work that I do, either through my videos, art or community events, a subscription is a great way to help make sure I am financially able to continue creating exciting things for all of you!

My long term plans for this money is to fuel three main objectives:

To fund community and open source projects. Things like my Automated Video Editing software, custom MTG Cube Card Designs, Code for my Art generation, educational content, blog posts. Creating and organizing these things takes a significant amount of time, so this is a great way to support me if you are using or benefiting from those projects or would like to see more. I would prefer to open source everything I make, but I am currently not in the financial position to be able to do that yet. I’m hoping this can help change that.)

Create community events: MTG tournaments, custom design contest. Coding challenges. Art design contests.

To fund the equipment and resources I would need to create videos in real life. For MTG this would mean camera equipment/lighting for in person drafts. For educational content it could mean tools and equipment for making experiments or prototypes.

The subscription plans are set up into three tiers:

e (2.71…) is Euler’s number, it is found in essentially all situations involving compounding growth. This is a great option if you watch my videos/read my blog and want to help them grow but aren’t too interested in community events or anything else.

τ (2π, 6.28….) is the constant that when multiplied by the radius of a circle, gives the circumference. If you are an active part of the community, or you really enjoy my content this is a great option to substantially help with its growth.

eπ (23.14…) is, oddly enough, the exact value you get when you add up all the volume within unit hyperspheres of even dimension up to infinity (so a circle, a 4d sphere, 6d sphere, etc..). This option is for extraordinarily generous individuals worthy of the volume within literally all of the even spheres.

Payment Options

If you wish to submit a one time donation of any amount, or set up a custom recurring payment plan, you can do that here.

Have you subscribed and would like to unsubscribe? You can do that here! If you have any problems cancelling a subscription please contact me.