A brand new card game from the mind of Caleb Gannon, Phd.


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Algomancy is a complete card game, meaning you will get every card needed to play the game all at once. No expensive singles, no problems with scarcity, just excellent gameplay at an affordable price. (There will be more sets released in the future, but each release is designed to be a self-contained and balanced play experience.)


Algomancy uses a new simultaneous style of gameplay where players take their turns at the same time and sync up at checkpoints during the turn structure. The purpose for simultaneous turns was to eliminate the problems with play/draw disparities and speed up the gameplay so you can get right to the action instead of having to wait for 3-7 other players to take a turn before you get to do something.

While there are a variety of ways to play Algomancy, the main one involves a real-time draft as a source of cards for the game. This means there are no decks and no shuffling.

Because there is no play/draw disparity and the resource system is deterministic, Algomancy maximizes player agency. This means that every game should feel like you were in control of whether you win or lose. However, because the cards are drafted from randomly sorted packs with singleton cards and a massive card pool, there will still be plenty of variance to make every single game feel fresh and unique.

The rough turn outline is as follows:

DraftPlayers use picks to take cards from packs or to collect resources.MainPlayers play resources and spells.Combat Combat happens simultaneously, meaning you maybe defending in one skirmish while attacking in another.A skirmish” is where attackers and defenders meet.Each skirmish takes place in a separate location,meaning cards in one skirmish cannot affect cards inanother skirmish. This allows each skirmish to beresolved simultaneously and independently.All interaction takes place during this step, with prioritystarting at the defender and moving clockwise.Declare AttacksIn team games, the team with initiative declares attacks first, then the other team may declare attackers. Initiative is traded every turn cycle.In free-for-all games attackers are all declared simultaneously by revealing attack intent tokens”.Players attack their neighbors to the left or right.BattleRegroupPlayers pass their draft packs, end of turn effects take place and some abilities can beactivated here.

That’s it! The game was designed to be simple to explain but complex to master. The turn structure is optimized to maximize player interaction, so the entire game should feel like you are in the action battling it out with your friends.

Design Previews

There are five factions in the game: Fire, Water, Earth, Metal and Wood/Plant, each with their own unique characteristics.

The themes for the first set are: Ghosts, Explosions, Fish, Lovecraftian Sea Gods, Crystal, Rock, Scrap Robots, AI, Fungus and Slime.

The art for the game is entirely AI generated by Caleb, giving it a gorgeous, dreamlike feel. To showcase the art, the cards will be created in a full-art style. The current working design layout is shown below (This layout is nowhere near final, but the card design will probably be something like this. The fonts/textbox and icon designs will likely be re-done and improved.).

Follow the Development

If you are interested in this game, you can sign up to follow its progress below. I will only send relevant emails, such as invitations for playtesting, polls to determine the future of the game and updates on availability and release.

A very early print and play playtest opportunity will be coming soon, so don’t miss out!