Generative Abstract Expression


This is my first generative series. It’s not a single art piece in the traditional sense, each order will be a custom commission for a one of a kind piece of art. The above price covers the commission costs for each piece (it changes based on my availability and demand), additional costs to print the piece will apply (see below). I can create any size piece on a variety of mediums, see below for more information. Email me at to place orders or ask any questions you might have!

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This piece is more of an experiment than my other work. I developed an algorithm to create abstract art on an individual level — it learns what you enjoy looking at and creates the perfect aesthetic for your taste! It can create art at any size, aspect ratio or color scheme, and I think the algorithm does a great job of capturing many different aesthetics and textures. The end result is possibly the first of its kind — an art commission that generates directly in front of you according to your instruction! There are a few ways that commissions can go (listed below).

The most common method is for me to send you software for you to work with (essentially you will be clicking on generated images to get an idea of your taste in art, I have a video about this process below). If at any time you find something you love, you’re done!

If you have a hard time deciding, I can either download your user data and have an AI that I developed create a perfect piece for you or we can have a discussion to find out what best fits your needs. The software can also be custom tailored to your preferences (do you want to see everything and spend more time choosing, or start with a smaller range of images and have an easier but more limited selection process).

If you see images you like already in the examples here or in my poster print shop (such as the prints above), I can make modifications of them or recreate them exactly. In this case, the commission fee will be reduced to $50 or $0, respectively.

And lastly, if you don’t want to hand select the art piece but have an idea, color scheme or overall aesthetic I can work with that as well.

Pricing depends a lot on the medium and size of the art. Each piece has a base price for the commission (above) which will be paid up front in addition to the cost of printing the piece below. The commission price depends on my availability and demand, so it will change over time (This insures that I don’t take on too many clients at once. I want to make sure I can give everyone my full attention). Below are a few example prices for some selected sizes, but I can also make anything in-between or different aspect ratios as well (I can also go up to 196″x94″). The metal print and glass prints come ready to hang, whereas the fine art paper and poster will likely need a frame. I can provide frames with the prints, but I strongly recommend shopping locally for frames. Discounts are available if ordering a series of more than one piece at one time.

24″x18″ 40″x30″ 48″x36″ 60″x45″ 80″x60″ 114″x70″
Poster Print $50 $100
Fine Art Giclée Print $150 $380 $440 $740
HD Metal Print $340 $800 $1050
HD Glass Print $520 $1,200 $1,600 $2,400 $9,000 $18,000


For the commission price, you get access to the software; multiple phone and or zoom calls/emails to discuss your preferences before running the code, during the process to help with any issues that may arise and after it is over while the final piece is being selected, going through post processing and finally in selecting a medium. There is a limit to the amount of time one order can have, so I reserve the right to charge more or end the commission if a particular order is taking an unusually large number of revisions. Typically 1-3 revisions are the norm. Since this is the first experiment of this kind, I will offer a full refund on the commission price if you do not find a piece you are happy printing by the end of this process.

Please email me at to place an order or reach out with questions!