Custom AI

This is a generative commission piece, where I take any image of yours and turn it into a masterpiece. Pets and self-portraits are especially popular, but I can work with essentially any type of image you can dream of! See more details below, or email me at with questions or orders!

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Images have two major attributes: content and style. Content contains the recognizable features when looking at the image (in the images in the gallery, this would be a cat, water droplet, an abstract interpretation of an anatomical heart and a dragon). Style is the what builds the image around the content. This can mean color palette, brush size, texture, micro-features etc. In the cat image below, the style is inspired by space nebulae, in the gallery images the water droplet was sea creatures, the heart one was an old map, close ups of liquids and some other features as well (you can see these images and more in higher detail here, or there are lots of examples on my Instagram).

What this commission piece is offering is the ability to add any style you can dream of to one of your own cherished photos, similar to what I have done above. I can make your cat out of nebulae, your dog into a masterful oil painting, bring your sketch drawing to life (as done with the dragon image below) or create a human face out of old maps (example here). I can also combine multiple styles together to create an especially unique effect.

I have spend the last four years building my own technique from scratch and am able to create art as large as 48″ (or even larger for certain types of styles) without the flaws, blurred regions or defects you would see in most AI art. I have added tons of extra techniques, custom neural network layers, invented math and studied the relationship between human perception and image composition to make my method as good as I possibly can. I am confident your image will look even better than you imagined or you will get your commission back guaranteed.

This process takes a lot of dedicated time for myself and also computer time, which scales very rapidly with image size. Each commission is composed of two fees. There is a base commission price, which I charge to compensate me for my personal time and computer runtime to generate your custom image. This is listed at the top of the table and will change over time depending on my availability and my continuous measurement of how long each commission actually takes to complete. Then, there is a printing fee, which is how much I charge to print the resulting piece. So for example, if you commission a 24×18″ print on fine art paper, it will cost $500 up front for the commission and $150 to print, for a total of $650.

18″x12″ 24″x18″ 40″x30″ 48″x36″ 60″x45″ 114″x70″
Commission Fee $250 $500 $1500 $2000 Email Me Email Me
Poster $40 $50 $100
Fine Art Paper $120 $150 $380 $440 $740
Metal Print $250 $340 $800 $1050
Photo Print Under Glass $380 $520 $1,200 $1,600 $2,400 $18,000


Requirements: Depending on the size of your print and what level of detail you would like to preserve, a high-quality in focus content image is strongly suggested. If you only vaguely want the shape of something, this constraint can be relaxed. For style images I have a large collection of pictures that I like to work with, but you can also provide some you would like to use. Another option is to use my Generative Abstract Expression software to create your own custom style image!